Gate Zero is a story-rich adventure game where you can “play the Bible”

Travel back in time to explore ancient Judea & Galilee, overcome opposing forces and experience the Bible firsthand


Official Reveal Trailer

Core Gameplay Elements

Interact with gospel stories

Meet familiar characters, get involved with their stories and witness Biblical events firsthand

Explore in free roam

Discover 1st century Israel and learn the cultural and historical significance of the time

Overcome opposing forces

Witness the conflict between social groups, sneak into forbidden areas and avoid danger

Solve tasks together with friends

Everyone can participate in a family-friendly social gaming experience. With our unique CoPlay feature, you can connect mobile phones to the PC and turn a single-player game into a couch or online co-op.

“The co-op aspect was wonderful on mobile devices. I see so much potential in this game.”

“I liked the mix of the cutscenes and gameplay that are used together so the player can learn while they play.”

“Honestly stoked that this is a concept. I could see this being a fun youth activity tool in the future that I would use a lot.”

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